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Hi, I'm Brandon.

Here's the scoop:


I love people and capturing who they are – their authentic, silly, carefree selves. My favorite poses are the ones that aren't. When I look through the lens, I wait for the unexpected belly laugh, the quick,

in-between bear hug, and simply real moments. I don't expect perfection because it doesn't exist.


If this sounds like what you have been looking for then you are in a good place. Take a look around and let's get connected! 



Fun Facts.

  • I would like to think I'm a coffee connoisseur – honestly, I can't tell the difference.

  • I have been a photographer for 4 years (still always learning).

  • My answer is always "go to the beach".

  • I have had the opportunity to travel to 5 different countries on missions trips.

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